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LOW power LEDs: Qualities

Our luminaires are special regarding their efficiency and special qualities:


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- Life time of 100.000 hours (realistically), because they stay cold (always below 35°C!)
- Extremely low consumption (20 W street luminaires)

- Energetic efficiency: >100 lm/W (whole system!)

- Low voltage (12 V)

- Brightness, but no warmth = more than 90% of energy use


Main difference to any other LED-based technology: our LEDs stay cold, even without cooling system!



Special qualities of our optical system

       - Night adaptivity of the light (eye does not need to adapt --> full moon), no glare

       - Excellent light reproduction corresponding to daylight quality

       - Dirt-repellent, auto-cleaning surface





Night adaptivity


Fastness of colours


Nano-technological surface