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The technology
: Energy-Optimisation-Installations(EOIs)


Energy-Optimisation-Installations (EOIs)

EOIs are specially designed and built    installations for controlled tension   reduction, precisely on the lower end
of the tension tolerance of the norm
  IEC60038. As a result, energy costs go   down.

Tension peaks are being thereby  absorbed and the energy consumption  is being reduced.

As a side effect, the controlled tension  leads to a higher lifetime of your  production facilities.


Quality characteristics

With the right dimensioning and proper workload, amortisation is reached within 1,5 and 4 years in general.

EOIs can also be acquired via Contracting or Leasing. Your monthly fees are generated by the savings reached through the EOIs.

The guaranteed overall-energy-saving lies between 8% and 17%. In the example of an energy-consumption of 1 Mio KWh annually, the savings mount up to 80.000 € - just by installing one of the EOIs.


Simple realisation in three steps

Step 1: Assessment

All we need for a first assessment is:

  • your most recent annual bill of your local energy utility company
  • The Ampère-figure of your main control switch / main fuse
  • the actual exact value of the tension at your electrical socket, e.g.. 230 V... 210 V (source: measurement equipment or electrician).

Once we have received this data, we will send you a rough estimate including an overview of costs / savings (also for the live measurement on the ground*), so that you can take a sound decision on whether you want to continue towards implementation.

The whole process is free up to here.

*The installation can also be done without the guaranteed savings. This way you save the money for the initial measurement, described in step 2.


Step 2: Offer

If the rough estimate says that the project will pay off, we will carry out an initial measurement on the ground*.

As a result, you will receive:

  • a detailed analysis of the measurement 
  • a concept describing in detail the installation (size, dimension etc.)
  • an exact offer regarding the installation.
* These costs will be charged against the total costs of the installation by 50%, when your order has been placed. They have been included into the amortisation calculation.

Step 3: Implementation

After you have placed your order, implementation starts on the ground.

  • We make sure that your current production activities can go on by carrying out the work for example on week-ends - your requirements decide when we do the work

  • The documented evidence of the savings will be done with live measurements.

Note: in case you want to expand and your existing ready-installed EOI is not big enough, we take it back for free and install a new one with the correct dimensions (you only pay the difference to the new installation then).


Inspiration of the week:

Have you noticed that edison bulbs or halogen bulbs break down much faster than expected from the producers' promises? 

The reason is that tension peaks. Instead of 230 V, electricity has 240 V, thereby destroying the a lot of electrical equipment. Another reason why it makes sense to control the tension...


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